Three Tips to Be a Successful Indie Musician

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Making a career in the music industry used to be difficult. A musician should appeal to a director first, and then the labels. Music production was also complicated because only famous record companies could afford the cost.

Today, everyone can produce songs with only a laptop. Softwares like Nuendo, Cubase, and Protools enable individuals to explore their musical creativity without any interferences from the business-oriented people. Music production these days facilitates musicians to pursue genuine musicality.

However, without guidance, you may get lost in the track. Our team has compiled extensive data and wrap it up into three tips that can bring you more opportunities to be a successful musician.

Mastering the Production

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Fluently playing musical instruments is an obvious necessity. You have even to master more than one instrument so that you can be a proficient music arranger. You should remember that you have nor producers to control and edit your work. And thus, you do those tasks on your own.

However, more than mastering the instruments is the production. Recording, mixing, and mastering are the three sacred words for creating a song. You may learn production skill autodidactically, but then you will be left behind by how the music is like in the real world. Taste is forever changing. For instance, in Hip-Hop, the musical formula that used to be classic like Snoop Dogg, the Wu-Tang Clan, and Jay Z is no longer a recipe to fame. Mumble rap is on the rise, and how silly the critics claim the sub-genre is, their videos managed to reach hundreds of million views on YouTube.

Therefore, you should be better taking a professional audio production course. Expert instructors will teach you the tricks that hit the marks. Also, there will be inside information that you will not get from just reading through online musician forums and free courses. Joining a real class and meeting real people from the music industry will open more paths for you to reach your success.

Music Marketing in the New Way

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The Internet dominates the flow of global information. Getting reviewed by some local critics who have only a few digital audiences will be a waste of time. You have to put yourself on the big social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. The more you are being discussed online, the more likely you will reach new listeners.

First, you should partner up with media who have both digital and physical contents. If the latter is not possible, then the digital one is more than enough. Then, screen through the ones who have enough visitors and visibility. You want to go global, and you have to etch that on your mind.

Second, you must maintain your digital personality. The twist in this is that people want you to be more than just a musician, but a person. They want to know your personal life, all the dramas that you have been through, and how they have led you to produce your music.

Collaborating with the Right Artists

A lone wolf is less likely to survive compared to the one in the pack. You cannot expect to create music without getting some kinds of approval from the people in your music scene. But this statement is not to discourage you from maintaining your originality. There has got to be a balance between creativity and how it is still acceptable to people from the scene.

Find yourself a respected figure from the music scene, and see if a collaborative work is possible. The challenge in such a project will be about maintaining each other’s authentic musical style. You want to the song to represent both you and your collaborator equally.

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