How to Choose the Right T-Shirt Printing Method

T-shirt printing

Custom shirt printing can be of great significance in several instances. Most companies will opt for it during their brand awareness campaigns. They do print quite a number of t-shirts which they can put on and also give out during their brand awareness or marketing campaigns. Custom t-shirt printing is also a common thing during political campaigns. Many will print their party or individual logos to sell their agendas.

One can also print some of their favorite design like the different cartoons and animation characters. The different printing methods which you can try out include screen printing, heat transfer, direct to garment printing, color copier printing, and vinyl cut printing.

Having a look at some of their previous works will also help youscreen t-shirt printing tell if they are suitable for the job. You also need to come up with a good design for everything to stand out. Do not rush to have it printed on your shirt. If possible, you can seek approvals from different people. You should also choose the right colors for your design. Make sure you have the right balance. Selecting a suitable printing method can be difficult for those who have no idea of which one is the best. Here is how you can pick the best.

Design Size

The size of your logo or design can help you pick the right printing method. All methods can be used for large-size designs. However, there are some considered best. Screen printing is the best option for large size logos because your t-shirt will be subjected to minimal damages. Heat transfer is best for small letters.


The printing method you use can also determine how your logo will last on your shirt. There are some like heat transfer that may see your logo wearing out after some period. Screen printing and direct to garment printing will ensure your logo is intact even after thorough washing.

Volume of Shirts

The number of shirts you want to print will dictate the printing methodheat press you choose. Those printing a large number of shirts can go for screen printing which is the fastest way. Others may only slow you down because you will be required to print one by one. You can maintain high-quality levels and print a lot of shirts at the same time.…