Reasons Why You Should Choose Edmonton Face Painting

A woman with face painted

Organizing an event can be very involving and exhaustive. It is burdening even more when the event is for children because children are looking for details that will make their celebration memorable. You will also feel gratified when you see your kids excited and happy during and after the party. The Party Characters can decide to paint their faces during the parties. If you are looking for an event organizer that will provide you with what you want, Edmonton Face Painting is the right choice for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for Edmonton Bouncy Castle


Facility designed for the customer

It has castles developed specifically to deliver what you need. Children receive the best and up to date themes available on the market they can ever think of, which makes Edmonton Face Painting unique from the rest.

Excellent service

The institution has quality services unrivaled by any because it has the trained employees qualified to give you theA boy with face painted greatest experience. The staff members are all in uniforms branded and easily identifiable for you whenever you require their attention.

Moreover, its employees undergo a background check to ensure that it employs only the finest for your satisfaction. Edmonton also has a provision to offer free cancellation of your planned party at your request in case there is poor weather or any change of plan from your side.


If you are looking for experts approved to serve you, Edmonton Bouncy Castle has it all; it is an approved vendor in Edmonton City with over two million public liability insurance as well as provincial equipment inspected by the institution charged with that responsibility known as AEDERSA.

It requires only the commercial customers to leave deposits when asking for large orders. This background indicates an entity accredited and licensed to deliver to you the professional service you can ever seek for on the market.


Edmonton Face Painting puts your safety as its number one priority. It has invested in the finest equipment to protect you and your children from any harm as you enjoy its facilities. It has inflatable secured by 18” stakes in addition to having engineered sandbags that have safety matting to allow setup on hard floors and concrete.

Speedy services

A girl with face paintedIf you are looking for quick services, Edmonton Face Painting has its employees on standby all the time communicating with customers through e-mail, phone, and online chats.

You do not have to wait for many hours or day to get a reply from the company, just make a phone call and they will sort you out immediately.…