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Here is a look at some interesting information on popular movies that have been released and are good options to watch. Remember, if you want to stream, your best bet is Putlocker for free movies online.

Here are a few facts you might not know about your favorite movies:

The Avengers:Man watching movie with headphone

1. The original Avengers had no Captain America.

After some changes in the line up, it was only during the fourth issue of The Avengers comic series that Captain America joined the team.

2. It was The Wasp who came up with the name The Avengers.

Despite this feat, she was completely left out of the movie franchise.

3. Marvel got a trademark for the name The Avengers only in 1970.

This created problems for the 2012 screening of the movie in the UK as there had been another famous spy series known as the Avengers there.

4. Tony Stark’s Butler is an honorary Avenger.

Many friends and family of the members have been made honorary Avengers over the years. This includes Tony Stark’s butler Jarvis and The Hulk’s buddy Rick Jones.

Movies in tabletStar Wars: The Force Awakens

1. Finn is actually a Stormtrooper:

While we still don’t know the exact details of how or why, the fact that Finn is a stormtrooper is shocking enough.

2. Han Solo might have competition:

Han Solo has always been one of the greatest fighters in the Galaxy. But Poe Dameron is ready to make a mark as he shows off his skills in this movie.

3. No CGI for the new Droid:

The new Droid BB8 is not CGI-generated at all. It is a live machine that was used on the sets to provide a better perspective for the actors.

4. More female characters

Episode VII of Star Wars is poised to have a number of stronger roles for women. Seen as a change form the traditional Star Wars approach, this can only make things better for the franchise.

Antman:Online Movies 34

1. He is a founding member of the Avengers and the Marvel Universe: Ant-Man was part of the first Avengers team and was in fact introduced to fans much before Thor, the Hulk or Spiderman.

2. Ant-Man has been played by three different people: In the Marvel Universe, the mantle of Ant –Man is passed down from the original Ant-man Hank Pym to two other people.

3. Avengers was created by Ant-Man: In the first ever Avengers comic, it is Ant-Man who comes up with the idea of forming a team of super heroes. So the Avengers was actually his idea, and not Nick Fury’s.

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