gameSince the debut of computer games in the 80s, the whole world witnessed a new level of entertainment. Video gaming was a technological wonder at that time. People, especially children, began playing each video game they can find on the market. Fans grew at an exponential rate of each passing year. Decades later, computer gaming becomes a multi-billion industry.

Today, gamers witnessed technological breakthroughs in PCs, consoles and hand held devices. Despite such advances, a new question appeared that caused the rift between old and new gamers: Are old video games more fun? This question may sound trivial to non-fans. However, for gaming aficionados it’s serious talk. For what is happening in the gaming scene can affect the nature of the games to be produced.

It’s difficult to ascertain if a gamer is old school or new school. Most people agreed that in distinguishing the two “tribes” is to base on the year 2000 — the new millennium. Players who lived before that can be considered old school. The gaming scenes included there are 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit types, and so forth. People, who get their first taste of a gaming experience during or after that year, are considered new gamers.

Nevertheless, there are crossovers of tastes. A kid growing from 2010 may start to like playing a game of the 90s. An adult man may still enjoy the current hi-tech stuff in his platform. Both of these individuals get an experience of what is like playing certain games of the period. Their observations of course vary.

Fans of classic games complain that the newer ones produced today have more realistic graphics than their old counterparts. However, they also pointed out that the game play is no longer as engrossing as that of the old. In other words, the new ones are made for great graphics over enjoyable game play.

On the other side, avid players of modern games stated that the new ones have better story lines andold video games realistic presentations. The old school types lack engaging stories and realism. Most of them are presented in 2D, which limits the player in maneuvering around. This is possible for the modern ones because they are blessed by state-of-the-art visual and audio technologies.

No wonder it’s not easy to answer the question: Are old video games more fun? The decision is based on each individual’s preference. Such debates can go on for years. The online world has become the battlefield of the two separate camps. Nonetheless, what matters most is how they have enjoyed their games.

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